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With more than 400 active cybersecurity startups in the sector, Israel is globally recognized as a leading in the field of cybersecurity solutions. Vera Group KFT as a part of MSN Group and based on deep Israeli knowledge and experience in this business is offering innovative cybersecurity solutions that are used worldwide.

Experience speaks

Using our integration company Siltech we have carefully picked and tested each one of the solutions that we offer in hundreds of scenarios, and we are ready to walk you through the workaround and up to the successful delivery.

Global players investments

Global investments players such as Microsoft and PayPal in Israeli startups show the great potential of Israel as a global force in the development of disruptive cybersecurity technologies.

VeraGroup believes

We believe that through the proof of concept (POC) process, the project managers can be sure that building the proposed solution, program, product, feature, or method is achievable.


POCs further allow decision-makers to explore the potential of the idea, giving them a glimpse of the bigger picture or the situation and validating suitability before the procurement process.

You can be 100% sure of the proposed product and its potential viability.

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PacketShaper Transition to Allot SSG for Broadcom or Symantec partners & customers


Transforming Cybersecurity Chaos Into Meaningful Clarity


Ammune™ Actively Protects APIs in Real Time

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L7 Defense’s – Use Cases

Blocking “Under the Radar” API Attacks

“We found out very quickly that we can truly rely on L7 Defense’s Ammune to detect Applicative DDoS threats on APIs with no additional overhead – Well done!”

The Customer: A large bank

The Challenge:
The bank’s web systems were constantly under applicative DDoS attacks targeting web systems APIs, causing severe maintenance overhead and significant degradation in service quality. High false positive / negative alerts rate of the existing applicative defense solutions led to an unacceptable workload for the SOC. The incumbent applicative solutions also required significant maintenance and were unable to block under the radar API DDoS attacks.

The Solution:
L7Defense’s Ammune™ API-DDoS solution was installed within two hours and became operational within the next hour. It was deployed in TAP mode – behind the incumbent solution and integrated into the upstream FW system, which performed the actual mitigation process as its proxy.

The Outcome and Benefits:

The DDoS protection is now highly improved, service quality has been restored, and security and IT overload due to DDoS attacks has been contained. A week after installation, Ammune™ detected and mitigated a major multi-APIs DDoS attack, targeting the bank’s main website. The bank’s web domains are now monitored by Ammune™ API-DDoS and the bank is evaluating additional API security modules from L7 Defense.

Protecting APIs in Legacy Environment

“We had a gap in our applicative security measures, and the constant maintenance and updates overloaded our SOC staff. L7 Defense’s Ammune was the solution chosen to best remedy the situation – and it plugged the gap.”

The Customer:

Financial Institution Data Center

The Challenge:

The on-premise data center is processing a high volume of critical financial transactions for large banks. Systems availability was impaired by constant low-frequency applicative DoS attacks targeting specific APIs. In addition, high SOC team overhead was caused by the need to constantly update and maintain the legacy application defense WAF solution.

The Solution:

The full AmmuneTM solution suite (API-WAF, API-DDoS, and API-Bot) was installed at the customer’s data center.

The Outcome and Benefits:

AmmuneTM is mitigating various attacks on APIs that are usually missed by the WAF defense. It also provides extensive reporting and analysis functionality that increases the APIs visibility. As a result, the workload of the SOC staff was significantly reduced.

Protecting APIs in AWS Cloud

“L7 Defense Ammune was installed in less than an hour by our in-house team. It was very easy to implement, and it required no further system updates. L7 Defense’s support team was available to us at all times.”

The Customer:

Cloud-native Corporation

The Challenge:

Assets on Amazon AWS were constantly under hostile API attempts – impacting the marketing website and hurting reputation and operations. The need called for a fully cloud-native solution.

The Solution:

The full AmmuneTM solution suite (API-WAF, API-DDoS, and API-Bot) was installed at the customer’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) .

The Outcome and Benefits:

Full APIs visibility as well as mitigation capability were achieved within one hour after installation, including an extensive blocking capability. Only marginal subsequent tuning and maintenance was required. As a bonus, zero false alerts are now the norm.

Allot – Use Cases

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